11 March
The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead horror continues a successful expansion of the russian films to the international market

Mystery horror «The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead» directed by Svyatoslav Podgaevsky and produced by KIT Film Studio (part of Gazprom Media Holding) and QS films has grossed over 4,5 million dollars in International Box Office. It is a significant result for a Russian film, which confirms a high commercial potential of the genre.

The film has just finished the exhibition in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, where it was topping the charts during the premiere week. The Mermaid was ranking first in Colombia during its first weekend in cinemas, outperforming such films as “Second Act” with Jennifer Lopez and “Glass” by M. Night Shyamalan.

Overall, the Mermaid showed high results in the Box office of South-eastern Asia and Latin America. It performed especially well in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In February, the Mermaid saw a home entertainment release in the US and, what is more, was selected for the Redbox.

Rafael Minasbekyan, producer, CEO of KIT Group of Companies (Gazprom media Holding)

Bringing russian content to the international market is one of the key goals for Gazprom Media Holding, which is being implemented by KIT Group of Companies, precisely by Kit Film Studio and Central Partnership. I am happy that our project “The Mermaid. Lake of the dead” has grossed a significant box office abroad, and thus we have come closer to achieving our main goal.

Dzhanik Fayziev, producer, CEO of KIT Film Studio:

Producing this film was an experiment, and it turned out to be a success. It is a true inspiration for us to witness that our hard work has paid off with international success of the film. We will do our best to keep delivering projects to interest the foreign audience even further.

Vadim Vereschagin, CEO of Central Partnership:

International success of “The Mermaid. Lake of the dead” is a significant step in raising awareness about the Russian cinema abroad. It is one of our key missions here at Central Partnership, and we are excited to see that the film received such a wide geography in terms of distribution.

Ivan Kapitonov, General Producer, QS Films:

We are excited that our film is appealing not only to distributors all around the world, but to the end consumer as well. We have even bigger ambitions in terms of international Box Office for our upcoming projects: “Baba Yaga. Terror of the Dark Forest” created in collaboration with Central Partnership and a true-horror “The Widow”, based on real events.

Svyatoslav Podgaevsky, director:

I received a lot of messages in social networks from people all over the world who watched the Mermaid in cinemas or on digital platforms, i.e. from Latin America, Philippines, France, etc. Everyone is surprised that Russian cinema has to offer this kind of genre, universal and interesting. Overall, the feedback is very positive. Now we are working on several new projects with a stronger story and visual aspect which should be appealing to international audience notwithstanding their geographical location.

The story of “The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead” roots in Slavic mythology. In the old days Russian people believed that, if a young woman, rejected by her beloved, drowns herself because of unrequited love, she turns into a mermaid, and takes her revenge on lovers. The main character of the film Roman meets one of such women by the lake, and his life changes dramatically.

Central Partnership is handling international sales for “The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead”. To date the film is sold to 154 countries around the world.

Earlier the right to the film were acquired by Splendid for German-speaking Europe, Shout! STUDIOUS for North America, First International Productions for French-speaking Europe, BF Distribution for Latin America, Suraya Filem for SEA, Moviecloud for Taiwan, Purple Plan for Vietnam, and others.

In Russian Box Office the film grossed over 1,5 million USD.

Produced by Central Partnership

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