3 September
Press Release: CENTRAL PARTNERSHIP to launch sales of BABA YAGA. TERROR OF THE DARK FOREST in Toronto

Central Partnership is launching international sales of a new horror/thriller called Baba Yaga. Terror of the dark Forest directed by Svyatoslav Podgaevsky, whose previous horrors the Bride and Mermaid. Lake of the Dead shook international box office. Company expects to close the first deals for the film during Toronto International Film Festival.

Baba Yaga. Terror of the dark Forest is produced by Oscar-nominated producers Alexander Rodnyansky (Loveless, Leviathan, Stalingrad) and Sergei Melkumov (Loveless, Leviathan, Stalingrad), Ivan Kapitonov (author of Cannes 2018 nominated Leto, producer of the Bride and Mermaid. Lake of the Dead), Svyatoslav Podgaevsky and Central Partnership, with support of Russian Cinema fund.

Cast includes Maryana Spivak (Loveless), Aleksey Rozin (Elena, Leviathan, Loveless), Svetlana Ustinova (Hardcore Henry).

The film tells a story of a young family who move into a new apartment on the edge of town and hire a nanny to look after their newborn daughter. After gaining the trust of the young parents, the nanny begins scaring their young daughter and older son, Egor, at night. Egor tells his parents about their nanny’s strange exploits but they don’t believe him. One day Egor comes home to find that his little sister has disappeared along with the nanny. His parents are in a strange trance-like state and don’t remember ever having a daughter. All her toys and clothes have vanished along with her, as if she was never there. Egor sets out with his friends to look for her. They are convinced that the nanny is actually an ancient Slavic demon that once went by the name Yaga. And if the kids don’t succeed in their quest, their parents will forget them too.

Central Partnership will release the film theatrically in Russia in 2019.

Alexander Rodnyansky, Non-Stop Production: Horror is the only genre which travels easily across the world. Previous films created by Ivan Kapitonov and Svyatoslav Podgaevsky received wide international distribution and theatrical presence, so we are sure that BABA YAGA, being an exotic story and an unconventional interpretation of Russian mythology, will be even more popular with international buyers.

Ivan Kapitonov, QC films: We are excited to work with a professional team from Central Partnership, and we are more than happy with international sales of our previous title the Mermaid. Lake of the Dead which was sold to over 150 countries around the world. This fact inspires and motivates us to put even more efforts in the upcoming projects. We have been able to find a perfect genre – city horror - for embodying characters from the Russian folk tales and scare not only kids, but even adults. Now is the right time to start telling scary local tales to the audience all around the world.

Svyatoslav Podgaevsky, QC Films: BABA YAGA is a high-scale project with a great story. We made a film about ordinary people who are hesitant and flawed, like we are. Our aim is to make films based on Slavic mythology, but at the same time excite and attract the international audience with such films. 

Vadim Vereschagin, Central Partnership, CEO: We successfully collaborated with QS films on their previous film the Mermaid. Lake of the Dead andour expectations for BABA YAGA are even higher. Horror is a universal genre which is currently in great demand.

Produced by Central Partnership

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