28 August
Press Release: WILD BUNCH and FIP to distribute VIKING in France

Central Partnership has signed a deal for its epic historic action VIKING for France, French-Speaking Europe and French-speaking Africa.

FIP and WILD BUNCH are to distribute the film in these territories. VIKING is up for the Q1 2018 release in France.

Viking, produced by Konstantin Ernst and Anatoly Maximov (the team behind Timur Bekmambetov’s Night Watch), and directed by Andrey Kravchuk was released in Russia on December 29th last year. The film has taken around $25m at the local and CIS box office, thus becoming the top grossing Russian film of 2016. The Film hit the record of 5,7 million admissions in Russian.

Vadim Vereschagin, SVP Theatrical, Central Partnership: We are really happy with the results of VIKING in the domestic Box Office and in the international sales. To date we have all Europe and Latin America completely sold out. We are happy and proud with the result we had.

Patrick Zylberman, CEO, First International Production: We are very excited to have signed VIKING for its high quality of production and its success in Russia. We are looking forward to launch its release in France in partnership with Wild Bunch.

To date VIKING is sold to over 80 countries worldwide, including UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy ana Italian-speaking territories, Czech and Slovak Republic.

Produced by Central Partnership

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