29 January
Press Release: KOLOVRAT (FURIOUS): the main filming of the historical blockbuster has began

Today, in Moscow, film company “Central Partnership” has begun the filming of the main block of the large scale, historical blockbuster “Kolovrat” ("Furious").

"Furious" – is the first epic film, which tells the feat of Ryazan voivode Evpatii Kolovrat. Per the chronicles, he, and his small crew, came out against the army of Batu Khan, who ravaged his homeland. Kolovrat’s bravery shocked Batu, and ordered immediately for the body of the dead, brave warrior to be given to his living companions and to let them go in peace.

“Our store is about the fact that any personal can become a hero, if he or she believes in it,” says one of the project’s producers Djanik Faizev “It is an extremely difficult to film picture, especially with a such a massive scale. The filming will be done in pavilions made specifically for it, on chromakey. There will be a large amount of computer graphics. We believe that we found an untraditional solution to the historical theme.”

Arman Yahin, general director of Main Road Post, a visual effects studio, notes that "Furious" is a unique project for his studio. “The scale of it is striking! But we have gathered invaluable experience from our previous project, for example the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, “Stalingrad”, “The Ghost”, and are certain that we will create world-class graphics. It is important to realize that the picture will not be visually executed in a brutal historical realistic manner, but in a more hyper-realistic key. It will be a fantasy, fairy world. We were inspired by the best computer games and movies such as “The War of Gods: Immortal”.

Another element that has been focused on is the preparation of stunts. Stuntmen from Alexander Samohvalova group have begun training long before the filming started. The actors have been learning fighting techniques and honing their weapon handling. “The lessons will continue during the filing,” says Alexander Samohvalov “the actors will need to keep up their form, as the picture is filled with stunts. There will be days that are exclusively filming stunt scenes, and those days will require serious stamina. However, our actors are very lucky. Our Kolovrat, Ilya Malakov, 99% of the stunts he will do himself. Wherein, the fights and the stunts are far from banal, we plan to surprise the audience with real attractions.”

he directors are Djanik Faizev (“August. Eighth”, “Admiral’”, “High Security Vacation”), general director of Central Partnership Pavel Stepanov and head of “GPM KIT” Rafael Minasbekyan. The producer of the project is a debutant of full feature film Ivan Shurhoveckii, operator – Maxim Osadchii (“Stalingrad”, “Zhara”, “9th Company”). In charge of stunts is Alexander Samohvalov from “Action Unit” company (“The Crew”, “Stalingrad”, “Legend No 17”), and responsible for digital special effects is the studio of visual effects Main Road Post (“Metro”, “Stalingrad”, “Extremely Dangerous”). In the main roles are young actors Ilya Malakov and Polina Chernyshova (“Quiet Flows the Don”). Batu Khan plays Alexander Tsoy, and starring – Alexei Serebryakov, Andrei Burkovskii, Igor Savochkin, Yulia Hlynina, Alexander Iliin Jr., Timofey Tribuncev, Viktor Proskurin and others. The work on the movie will be done in Moscow and will continue until the beginning of May. The screening of "Furious" will begin in April 2017.

Produced by Central Partnership

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