12 May
Press Release: Romeo & Juliet of the Cold War - shooting started

Central Partnership started shooting a 4 episodes movie “Romeo and Juliette of the Cold War” – dramatic lovestory of a dancer and a prima ballerina.

Leningrad. End of 1970s. Soviet ballet is an honor of the country. Life of a dancer is not only titles, success and tours to West, but everyday hard work, intrigues and KGB shadowing. Andrey Pletnev - a provincial dancer got a chance to be a part of the best ballet troop in the country where he met his first love Maria Simonova. Though Maria is married, their bursting feelings are their lives and careers at stake.

Starring – Pavel Trubiner and Elizaveta Boyarskaya. Director- Igor Zaitcev.

Produced by Central Partnership

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