15 April
Press Release: Central Partnership called off "Child 44" distribution certificate application from the Ministry of Culture

Central Partnership has recently called off "Child 44" ("№44" is the local name of the movie) distribution certificate application from the Ministry of Culture notwithstanding the financial loss.

The world premiere of "Child 44", which had been produced by Lionsgate is planned for April 17, at the same time with the Russian planned release.

However, some attendants of a press-screening raised and filed concerns to the Ministry of Culture regarding misrepresentation of facts which took place before, during and after the Second World War and portrayal of soviet people living at that time.

On April 14 there was a special screening for several experts, media, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Russian distributor Central Partnership.

After the screenings members of Ministry and distributor agreed that the release of the movie prior to the 70th anniversary of Victory Day is not possible.

Produced by Central Partnership

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