10 February
Press Release: THE CREW: filming complete

The production of "The Crew", a large-scale blockbuster, was launched in September.

This is a story of Alexey Guschin - a young aircraft commander, who renounces authorities and acts according to his personal honor code. He was kicked out of military forces for refusing to fulfill an absurd order and only by miracle got a chance to stay in commercial aviation. Now he has a mentor – Leonid Zinchenko, who's a severe and scrupulous pilot-in-command, and a colleague and co-pilot - unapproachable beauty Aleksandra. Their relations are quite complicated, but between life and death when the ground crumbles under the feet - the sky is the only way to escape and Guschin goes through his paces. Only by working together the crew can save hundreds of lives.

Starring: Danila Kozlovsky, Vladimir Mashkov, Katerina Spitza and Agne Grudyte. Director - Nikolai Lebedev.

The shooting was held in Moscow, the Moscow region and Crimea.

"The Crew" is the second Russian movie which will be released in IMAX. And for the first time in Russian movie making up to date IMAX cameras were used.

Produced by Central Partnership

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