17 December
Press Release: THESE EYES IN FRONT OF YOU: shooting finished

Central Partnership film company completed the shooting of 8-episode TV series titled These Eyes in front of You that tell the story of Valery Obodzinsky, one of prodigiously talented singers of the Soviet stage of the 1970s.

The shooting lasted for more than three months and took place in Moscow, the Moscow region and Crimea. 

The daughters of the singer and his last life partner consulted the project.

The script for the series was written by Sergey Komarov, Yuliya Klimenko, Andrey Rumynsky, Natalya Koretskaya, and Mikhail Kabanov, and the director’s chair will be occupied by Sergey Komarov.

The singer whose popularity in the USSR was comparable to the fame of Elvis Presley in the USA is played by Alexey Barabash. Evgeniya Brik plays Obodzinsky's wife and Miriam Sekhon plays a faithful fan that gave a second chance to the forgotten idol of millions. Also starring: Kirill Safonov, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Evgeny Stychkin, Vladimir Simonov, Alexandr Adabashyan, Andrey Ilyin, and Alexandr Sirin.

The film will feature the most famous hits of Obodzinsky: These Eyes in front of You, Oriental Song, The Gold Beckons Us, Moon, etc. 

Produced by Central Partnership

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