7 October
Press Release: ASCENT TO OLYMPUS: filming started

Central Partnership film company started filming action detective Ascent to Olympus. This is an 8-episode story that unfolds on the eve of the Moscow Olympic Games 1980. Policeman Stavrov begins to investigate the theft of priceless paintings and gradually reveals a dangerous conspiracy rooted in the events of nearly 40 years ago. The plot is based on real crimes committed in the run-up to the legendary Games.

The director is Sergey Sherbin, who had previously directed such successful Central Partnership's projects as The Kuban Saga and Chapaev. Starring Vlad Reznik, Yuri Baturin, Karina Razumovsky, Zaza Tchanturia, Nino Ninidze.

Filming will take place in Moscow, Tbilisi, St. Petersburg and Vyborg and will last until the end of November, and then for a month will resume in May.

Denis Frolov, producer:

"With this film we hope to revive the good old Soviet detective with its unique atmosphere and styling, its memorable characters. Our picture is saturated with the spirit of the best works of Weiner brothers who have millions of fans. And if fans give a good estimate of Ascent to Olympus it would be a strong sign of quality".

Produced by Central Partnership

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