1 September
Press Release: RISE AND FALL OF SOVIET TORPEDO: the film about the Soviet football legend is started

On August 31, in Minsk the shooting of a new Central Partnership and TM Production historical project started. It is a biographical TV film "Rise and fall of Soviet Torpedo" about Eduard Streltsov, "the Russian Pele".

Eduard Streltsov was a football prodigy: at the age of 16 he began to play in Moscow Torpedo team (the great forward’s sport destiny is connected with this club: when he finished to play for Torpedo, he began to train children teams). At 17 Streltsov took the field as part of the USSR national team, in a year he became the best bombardier of the championship, and in another year, when he was 19 years old, he became the Melbourne Olympic champion.
Envious people rejoiced when Streltsov’s outstanding career was immediately broken: in summer of 1958 he and two other players of the national team  was arrested on wrongful rape charge. Shortly thereafter his friends were set free, and Eduard was committed to 12 years. Almost half of his prison sentence Eduard served at the tree felling and then he was released earlier. There are a lot of versions who and why ‘removed’ Streltsov from the football at the highest point of his career: because the forward did not want to transfer to CSKA or Dinamo, because he refused to marry Furtseva’s daughter… The broken destiny became a token money in the foul play of the authorities. Streltsov was allowed to return to the homeland and to the national team in 1965.
These dramatic events provided the basis for Ilya Cofin’s scenario. Many interesting features were added by the film consultant Igor Streltsov, Eduard Streltsov’s son. A lot of information and materials, including cups, rare photos and uniform measurements of those time were provided by the activists of Torpedo fun club.

Olga Kochetkova and Rauf Atamalibekov are producers of the 8-episode film. Director - Roman Gapanyuk. A young actor from Moscow Art Theatre studio school - Dmitry Vlaskin plays a key role. Before shooting, he was training a lot in order to look like a real football player. Although, he will be substituted in the most important scenes: Minsk professional football players were invited for the matches shooting. 
The shooting will be taking place till November 30. Besides Minsk, which will represent Moscow of 1950-1960, Moscow itself will appear on the screen.  

Olga Kochetkova, producer:

"I was born in Saint Petersburg and, of course, I am a fan of Zenit team since childhood, so, the football topic is close to me. Furthermore, Eduard Streltsov is an absolutely unique person in the football history, in the history of our country. The Moscow stadium is named after him, two monuments are fixed up in his honour in the capital. Not only football fans, but ordinary people remember, love and respect him so far. To shoot a film about a national hero is a great responsibility. We assumed that the work will be difficult and were ready to it. But we are not afraid of the difficulties because we have an outstanding team, including excellent professionals and wonderful cast."

Produced by Central Partnership

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