21 August
Press Release: STAKE ON LOVE: shooting began

Yellow, Black and White studio and Central Partnership with participation of KINODOM film company commenced shooting of the new teen comedy – Stake on love. Nebo is the production company.

The story is about love, friendship and poker. Kostya is a cheerful adventurer whose passion for risk gets him into all sorts of mess while dragging also his friends into it. David is a decent young man, a dreamer who believes that one can win trust and recognition only by fair means.

Kostya and David are childhood friends, and many years later they are bound to put their friendship to test. David is about to propose to his beloved Anna, and Kostya wants to make it to the final of the International Poker Championship. Two events unrelated at first sight become crucial in the friends’ lives, as David will have to play poker, and Kostya will be saving his friend’s wedding! Will they still be able to remain themselves and save the situation once they have switched places?

Starring Andrey Burkovsky, Katerina Shpitza, Ovanes Azoyan, Aleksey Gorbunov, Aleksandr Revva, Alla Mikheeva, Nikita Tarasov. Director Artem Mikhalkov.

The shooting will take place in Russia and USA. The crew has already returned from Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Artem Mikhalkov: "A very interesting thing happened to us in Las Vegas – all of a sudden it started pouring rain, that is absolutely not typical for the city. We had this wet pavement surface, that directors usually have to create through special means. In a few days it started raining again. We hope it is good luck. Also, one day we have been shooting for 17 hours, that is very untypical for the USA. They do not shoot for more than 12 hours, and one American told us: Russians, you're hardworkers! Stake on love is a kind and positive love story perfect for family viewing".

Iconic places have been chosen for shooting in LA, i.e. the legendary house in Hollywood Hills designed by John Lautner. The house belongs to famous designer James Goldstein, and the crew had to put forth tremendous efforts to get the shooting license.

The movie release is scheduled for February 2015.

Produced by Central Partnership

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