16 July
Press Release: THE PROM: shooting is completed

Shooting of a new comedy movie The Prom produced by Central Partnership and LUNAPARK was recently finished in Nizniy Novgorod.

Director Vsevolod Brodsky made his first full length movie. His previous projects were rather popular TV shows – “Zaitcev+1” and “Nezlobin”.

The Prom is a story about the high school guys, nonachievers and exemplary students, who are preparing for their Prom party in different ways: some of them are shooting music videos, another squirreling alcohol, pair of lovers are buying wedding rings. The parents have their own plans for the prom party that will lead to the great fight between “fathers & sons”, teachers and even a visiting star – Mr. Nezlobin!

Leading roles belong to Victor Grudnev, Kristina Isaykina, Yana Enzhaeva, Nikita Pavlenko, Sergey Burunov, Boris Kamorzin, Marina Fedunkiv, Vladimir SychevAleksandr Nezlobin – a scriptwriter and a producer of the project has a cameo appearance.

Shooting process took a month. All sightseeing of Nizniy Novgorod - Bolshaya Pokrovskaya street, The Kremlin, bridges and banks of Oka and Volga rivers are depicted in the movie. Citizens of the town heartily welcomed the shooting cast and were excited to be a part of the crowd scenes. Post-production lies ahead. The Prom will be released on 9th October.

Produced by Central Partnership

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