7 July
Press Release: LOVE ME OR HATE ME: The Shooting is Completed!

Shooting of Love Me or Hate Me, a romantic comedy starring Svetlana Khodchenkova and Maxim Matveev was recently completed in Paris. Klim Shipenko acted as the director and the scriptwriter of the picture. In its carrier it is already the third feature length picture. Both his previous pictures, The Unforgiven and Who Am I?, were nominated for the main prize of Kinotavr.

The story is focused on a love triangle: Lyosha and Alyona are about to get married. However, the main character meets a well-known journalist Ira on the eve of engagement. Ira completely turns his plans upside down and brings chaos into his habitual life. Now the guy has to make a choice: whether he is ready to follies with Ira or he still wants a tranquil and happy future with Alyona?

“On the one side, it seems that it is a light entertainment picture, but at the same time there is a rather clear idea that one shall be honest with oneself and one’s feelings, and know how to timely make a right choice. At some moment my character simply understands that he does not live entirely honestly, and something needs to be changed,” - Maxim Matveev comments.

The picture was shot in Moscow, Saint Petersburg (where Maxim Matveev had not only to sail a boat across the Neva, but also to run on the drawing bridge), and Paris, the most romantic capital in Europe, where the crew visited the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The picture is produced by Central Partnership jointly with Yellow, Black and White studio.

Produced by Central Partnership

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