17 June
Press Release: Optimus Prime as a Gift!

Central Partnership film company jointly with VKontakte social media created a virtual gift in the form of a well-known robot-transformer Optimus Prime. The campaign was launched in the framework of a marketing campaign to support the release of the most expected summer blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction.

VKontakte gifts are virtual postcards which users can send to each other for votes. The new gift is designed in the form of the main character of the film — Optimus Prime.

"Seeing systematic efforts of VKontakte aimed at legalization of content of this social media and hoping that henceforth the largest social media of our country may serve for the benefit of development of motion picture industry, we launch this project and look forward to getting positive results of this cooperation. We believe that this is only the first step on the way of synergy of the social media and motion picture distribution in Russia”, - Vyacheslav Vinogradov, Vice-President of Central Partnership for Marketing Communications, stated.

“We are happy that a new product, the first branded set for VKontakte media, is launched with the picture, because our relations with right holders in all directions move to another level right now. Herewith, the users get an interesting additional option, and the picture gets a chance to use a unique tool for promotion among the most desirable and the most irresponsive to traditional advertising youth audience,” - Dmitry Sergeev, Executive Director of the social media, says.

Produced by Central Partnership

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