16 June
Press Release: THE PROM: The Fun Began!

On June 15 Central Partnership and LUNAPARK film companies launched the shooting of The Prom comedy, a new great project from creators of the national hit Gorko!. The story is about a high school couple in love. They want to be together, but their conflicting parents have their own plans for lives of their kids. Revolt of young lovers turns into a real fight into which everybody ‑ classmates, their parents and tutors ‑ are involved.

The creators try to make characters and their everyday life as true to life as possible. That is why they refused to shoot the picture in Moscow and moved the scene to Nizhny Novgorod. As they said, Nizhny Novgorod is a very beautiful city, and its magnificent embankments and bridges will become ideal se” for The Prom.

The script was written by popular comedians Alexandr Nezlobin (and Nezlobin authors group) and Sergey Svetlakov. The picture is directed by Vsevolod Brodsky. The main characters are played by young and yet little-known actors Victor Grudnev, Kristina Isaykina, Yana Enzhaeva, Nikita Pavlenko, and others. They will be supported by Sergey Burunov, Boris Kamorzin, Marina Fedunkiv, Vladimir Sychev.

Produced by Central Partnership

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