13 May
Press Release: FLIGHT CREW Distributed by Central Partnership - Second IMAX Release in Russia

Today IMAX  in cooperation with TRITE studio of Nikita Mikhalkov announced in Moscow that Flight Crew picture will be converted into IMAX format and released in movie theaters in Autumn 2015. The picture will be distributed by Central Partnership. Flight Crew will become the second Russian picture in IMAX format.

Plot of Flight Crew was called up by some themes of legendary picture by Alexandr Mitta. The film will be directed by Nickolay Lebedev (Legend No. 17).

Flight Crew tells a story of Alexey Gushchin, a talented young pilot. He does not acknowledge authority and chooses to act in accordance with a personal code of honor. He is discharged from military air forces for a failure to fulfill a senseless order, and merely by a miracle he gets a chance to fly civil aircrafts. Having started from scratch as a trainee pilot under the supervision of Leonid Zinchenko, a harsh pilot of principle, Gushchin gradually gets used to life of a pilot of civil aviation behind whose back there is not a parachute but hundreds of passengers. Relations with the trainer change - from worship and implicit faith to estrangement and potential betrayal. Relations of Gushchin with an unapproachable beauty Alexandra who works in the same company as a second pilot do not develop smoothly either. During a flight to South-East Asia our characters get a notice of an earthquake that started on a volcanic island in the ocean. The crew decides to fly there. It is time when Gushchin can show his talents saving hundreds of people.

"Recalling Flight Crew directed by Alexandr Mitta, we wanted to produce a modern picture about pilots of civil aviation, about everyday life of representatives of this romantic and noble profession. It will be a picture not about Heroes, but about ordinary normal people. It will be a picture about those people near us and about us. It will be a picture about our contemporaries being mainstay of the country, - Leonid Vereshchagin, producer of the picture noted. - I am sure that a romantic drama changing to a disaster film will attract the largest audience in our country. It is hard to imagine a better way to show a dramatic story than to demonstrate it using the unique IMAX format. We are proud that it is our project that IMAX company chose, as it is well known that IMAX very thoroughly selects pictures all around the world.”

Produced by Central Partnership

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