9 July
Press Release: THESE EYES IN FRONT OF YOU: shooting soon

Central Partnership film company is completing pre-production of 8-episode TV series titled These Eyes in front of You which will tell about dramatic destiny of Valery Obodzinsky, one of prodigiously talented singers of the Soviet stage of the 1970s.
The shooting will start in August, and it is planned to complete photography in mid-December. The script for the series was written by Sergey Komarov, Yuliya Klimenko, Andrey Rumynsky, Natalya Koretskaya, and Mikhail Kabanov, and the director’s chair will be occupied by Sergey Komarov.
Role of the singer whose popularity in the USSR was comparable to the fame of Elvis Presley in the USA will be played by Alexey Barabash. Evgeniya Brik will play a wife of Obodzinsky, and Miriam Sekhon will play a faithful fan that gave a second chance to the forgotten idol of millions. Also starring: Kirill Safonov, Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Evgeny Stychkin, Vladimir Simonov, Alexandr Adabashyan, Andrey Ilyin, and Alexandr Sirin.
The film will feature the most famous hits of Obodzinsky: These Eyes in front of Me, Oriental Song, The Gold Beckons Us, Moon, etc. On the whole, about 15 songs will be performed. Herewith, as quality of soundtracks of the majority of selected songs leaves much to be desired, a difficult decision was made to rerecord these songs. For this purpose several singers whose voices resemble the amazing tenor of Obodzinsky will be invited. Furthermore, in the film there will be a lot of music reflecting atmosphere of different epochs. After all, the film will cover almost fifty years ‑ the 1950s till the 1990s.

Natalia Klibanova, producer:
“Story of Valery Obodzinsky who was a favorite of female population of our country, has been of interest to us for a long time. His destiny is amazing: thanks to a phenomenal talent, an ordinary guy from Odessa becomes a real superstar in the USSR. He stranded out of the crowd: all his songs are about love, and clothing for the stage is frivolous and non-format. While the country was building its socialist “today”, Obodzinsky did not sing hymns to the Party and Komsomol, but to love to the woman. In the country with “no sex”. In the country with only one love – a love to the motherland and leaders of political ideology. And, since he had never made a trade-off like joining the Communist Party or performing patriotic songs, he was being gradually removed from the scene as persona-non-grata. He felt depressed, sunk deeper and deeper... and one day he disappeared. Most of his records on TV disappeared as well (or have been destroyed)… After years a devoted fan found Obodzinsky at the tie factory working as a guard, and actually restored him to life and creative work.”

Produced by Central Partnership

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