5 April
Central Partnership announces new filming on polar stories of Vladimir Sanin

Central Partnership launched new project under the working name "Polar":  TV series of 8 episodes based on the autobiographical story of polar explorer and traveler Vladimir Sanin.

Popular Soviet writer, whose books were sold in million editions and are constantly reissued, describes the harsh everyday life of courageous explorers with tones of humor. Vladimir Kott ("Peter Leshchenko", "Operation" Gorgon ",  "Gromozeka") and Rodion Beletsky ("Kings of the Game", "Beekeeper", "Wild 1, 2") wrote the script based on four novels by Sanin: "Old Friends", "It is hard to leave Antarctica", "72 degrees below zero" and "Trapped". Each work will turn into a spectacular two-part story, and the main characters will join for new adventures.

"We plan to start shooting this autumn - says the project producer Denis Frolov (" Brest Fortress "," House "," Chkalov ","Chapay "). - First, the group will visit Antarctica to film nature, and then move to the Murmansk area. There will also be a lot of studio shots and computer graphics. Group of scientists from the station "Vostok" in particular will be advising on all issues, and in particular - a friend of Vladimir Sanin, polar explorer and eyewitness all the events -  Lev Cherepov".

Son of Vladimir Sanin, Alexander Sanin, will take part in shooting the film. “All our family is happy with the novels of my father returning to the screen, - says Alexander, - Denis Frolov and Vladimir Kott had presented the project with enthusiasm and passion and convinced us it join it. It is nice that filmmakers return to ideals of past time and want to show sincerity and heroism of those days that can help get these concepts into our lives and make them popular again."

The director of "Polar Explorers" will be Vladimir Kott, who also acts as one of the authors of the script. "A few years ago I came across the book “72 degrees below zero”, - says Vladimir. - I decided to just flip it through, but there it was: the book captured me completely and I couldn’t stop until I read it to the end. Then I began to frantically search for other works of Vladimir Sanin. I read his cycles about Arctic and Antarctic - all the stories about polar explorers in general. The spirit of adventure and harsh romance made me fall in love with this writer. I thought, "It is absolutely necessary to shoot a film after these stories!" After all, all his stories are almost finished scripts: vivid characters, problem of moral choice and no lies at all! Because a person in an extreme situation related to life and death becomes absolutely pure: all his far-fetched self-importance falls for real circumstances.  Now, in our time, I feel a shortage of people who still believe in male friendships, who won’t turn away, and who is ready to rush to help you any moment. "Die yourself but save a friend," says Polar law. Those days, in the 1960-1970's, there were no mobile phones, no computers, no navigators. Everybody had to rely on one’s professionalism. And at one’s volition, "- concludes Vladimir Kott.

Repeating the producer’s thought the director stressed that the project will be unique due to the fact that it is planned to be shot in the atmosphere of real cold: "This story will be shot in different parts of the world. I hope to visit North Pole and Antarctica with the crew. We’ll try to get to the real drifting ice floe. We will have a special camera that can withstand low temperatures. "

Currently Vladimir Kott ends post-production of biographical drama "A MAN WHO SANG TANGO" with Konstantin Khabensky in the role of a legendary singer. This is another project by Central Partnership. To the present date there are more than twenty projects at various stages of production, such as: "Sherlock Holmes", "Marathon", "Red Mountain," "Dark World: Equilibrium," "22 minutes".

Produced by Central Partnership

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