26 March
Press Release: “These eyes in front of me”: Central Partnership will bring to the screen the story of famous singer Valery Obodzinsky

Central Partnership started production process of 8-part television story about fate of Valery Obodzinsky, one of the most talented and popular artists on the Soviet stage of 1970s. The project has working title "The eyes front of me" (this is the title of the most famous hit of the singer), and at the moment the idea is approved to script development.

Story of Valery Obodzinsky, who was a favorite of the whole female half of USSR population,  kept being interested for a long time, - says producer Natalia Klibanova  ("Children under 16 ... ","Dark World: Equilibrium")- He has an amazing destiny: a simple guy from Odessa through phenomenal talent becomes  a real superstar. He stranded out of the crowd - his songs were all about love, his image was pop frivolous and unformatted. While the country was building its socialist future today, Obodzinsky didn’t join singing hymns to the Party and Komsomol. He sings about love to the woman - in a country where is "no sex." In a country where is one love only – a love for the fatherland and for leaders of communist ideology. And since he is not making any compromises – doesn’t join Communist Party, doesn’t perform patriotic songs, he is quietly removed the scene as persona-non-grata . He feels depressed, his life is collapsing, and he touches bottom ... and one day he just disappears. Most of his records on TV strangely disappear as well (or destroyed). After years a devoted fan finds Obodzinsky on the garment factory where he works as a gateman and literally saves his life.”

It is planned that the film will feature the most famous hits by Obodzinsky: "These eyes in front of me", "Oriental Song", "Eternal Spring", etc., a total of 20 tracks – at the moment the rights for these songs are cleaned by Central Partnership. "We don’t want to use cover versions made especially for TV series, there is no sense in it, - says Natalia Klibanova. – We want the viewers to hear that precious tenor of Obodzinsky, because in that way thanks to our project someone will remember favorite songs of long-lost youth, and someone will hear them for the first time."

The plot, of course, will not only cover work of legendary artist, but love also: a passionate feeling Obodzinsky had to his wife and a relationship with a fan woman who had idolized him and who had given him a second chance to step to the scene once more.

The director and main actors are not defined yet but will be chosen soon. Shooting is scheduled to begin later this year.

Currently Central Partnership is working on more than twenty projects, such as "Sherlock Holmes", "Marathon", "Peter Leshchenko: a man who sand tango", "Red Mountain," " Dark World: Equilibrium ","22 minutes."

Produced by Central Partnership

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