7 February
PREMIERE: CHAPAEV will be aired on Channel One, Russia.

New TV series produced by Central Partnership – CHAPAEV – epic historical drama - will be aired on Channel One, Russia.

The TV series are based on the screenwriting classic novel by Eduard Volodarsky of the same name.

12 episodes will tell the story of a legendary Division Commander of the Civil War VI – Vasily Chapaev. Being a young 18 years old he faced problems with the law, but then he met his first love, whom he will be recalling for the rest of life on the hardest moments he will have to live through. A life of Vasily Ivanovich was tumultuous: after the First World War he fought in the Civil War and earned the unquestioned authority and respect of subordinates, colleagues and superiors, as well as love of many beautiful women.

The main character is performed by Sergei Strelnikov. This is the big return of the cult hero on screens for the first time since 1934 (the first film by brothers Vasiliv was released in 1934 with the iconic Boris Babochkin as Chapaev). Also starring: Dmitry Shcherbina, Karina Andolenko, Yevgeny Knyazev, Ivan Dobronravov, Maxim Drozd, Alexander Sokolovsky.

Produced by Central Partnership

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