19 November
PETER LESHENKO: shooting process is over

November 18th 2012 in Moscow region town Nakhabino central Partnership Studio have finished shooting process of 8 episodes TV series – historical drama “Peter Leshenko”.  This is the first fiction TV story telling about life of a famous Russian singers of XX century, performed such hits as “Chubchik”, “Chernye Glaza”, “U samovara”. Young Leshenko is performed by Ivan Stebunov, and in mature years – Konstantin Khabensky.

This new project will cover main biography facts of a legendary artist, owner of an unique voice.  The plot is written by a classic screenwriter – Eduard Volodardsky. Staging of a TV series was engaged by Vladimir Kott (“Silver Samurai”, “Gromozeka”, “Operation Gorgon”).

Filming started in the second half of July, and took place in Moscow, Moscow regions , Yaroslavl, Lvov and Odessa. Under travel  to Ukraine, film crew had worked in historic places associated with the name of the singer.  Most large-scale scenes (trenches of the WWI, concerts) involved hundreds of extras: in total around 3,000 people have gone through costume designers and make-up .

Peter Leshchenko’s music band was performed by real musicians with no acting experience (except Sergey Frolov). They had never played together but were gathered together by music producer Anton Silaev specifically for the project .

To prepare for the role, Konstantin Khabensky took voice lessons. He had performed all the songs sounding in the TV series by himself.  Producer, Denis Frolov, does not exclude that the soundtrack will be released later as a separate OST album, collecting all songs of Peter Leshchenko performed by Khabensky.

Produced by Central Partnership

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