13 November
THE TRAP: shooting process of new film tagged “The Godfather” Russian style is over

Shooting process of a joint project by Central Partnership and Film.UA is finished.  Criminal drama  of 24 episodes called THE TRAP is a unique by its scale and genre: all main characters are thieves within the law and TV viewers will have to spectacle a complicated life drama of each of them.

"The Trap" - not just another crime thriller on one of the domestic TV Channels. This is a real saga, a kind of Russian version of "The Godfather" with big, strong characters and  truly dramatic collisions, including love lines.

Dashing 1990s left behind. But people who once had a taste of power, don’t miss another chance to get even more. One of the most important authorities of southern Russia, Vyacheslav Lebedev nick-named The Artist, goes to the "well-deserved retirement," leaving the empire he had been creating for ages to his loyal assistants. Leaders of other mafia families decide that it is time to share spheres of influence. Not only the city but the whole region will drown in blood if the war won’t be prevented ...

The Artist is performed by Sergey Gazarov. This is the first main character for many recent years for Sergey Gazarov, recognized as a king of second place.

Main action scenes (car chases, gunplays, explosions)  were shot in Kiev in the beginning of June.

Premier of "The Trap" is scheduled for one of major TV channels in 2013.

Produced by Central Partnership

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