23 October
Shooting process of city fantasy DARK WORLD: EQUILIBRIUM is finished

Production studio Central Partnership has now finished shooting process of new big city fantasy DARK WORLD: EQUILIBRIUM. Shooting period lasted 116 days and 5 months of work.

The film is written by famous fantasy writers Marina and Sergey Dyachenko and dwells on an epic story of main character, Dasha, fighting against Evil. In this new movie the girl will not only have to withstand power of dark magician and treacherous shadows but to upbuild her own destiny.

Natalia Klebanova, film producer, tells: “We had to take into account many important factors during the shooting process, like: entertaining attraction of action, touching love story, revenge and hatred of a rival, fear against responsibility, children and fathers, boundless loyalty, Evil forces experiencing Good. We have created a film we want to watch by ourselves!”

Main characters are performed by Maria Pirogova, Pavel Priluchny, Makar Zaporozhsky, Evgenia Brik, Vladislav Abashin, Alexander Ratnikov, Grigory Scryapkin and Igor Chernevich. 

“My character Sam was very interesting for me, he is a positive person, he finds joy in his life, and he tries to always bring joy to people surrounding him. But he has a skeleton in his closet. Actually DARK WORLD: EQUILIBRIUM is a fantasy for those who love riddles”, - says Pavel Priluchny.

Produced by Central Partnership

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