19 October
Central Partnership has finished shooting process of new historical TV series RED MOUNTAINS

Production studio Central Partnership has now finished shooting process of new suspenseful historical TV series RED MOUNTAINS.  June 2nd became the first shooting day. Poduction crew had visited Moscow, Moscow Region, Odessa, Sevastopol and Koktebel during a long shooting period. Ukrainian cities and seaside landscapes on the big screen will turn into Vladivostok places.

This film will be telling a dramatic adventure story of love, friendship and  betrayal,  that happened during  turbulent 1920-1940's between three young man – Ilia, Arcady and Zhenya.

Vladivostok, 1920. Two boys – orphan child brought up by an officer of Japan forces named Ilia and a son of White Guard colonel, cadet Arcady, pretend to be brothers to survive during Civilian War. But this false brotherhood doesn’t seem to become a true friendship as both young men fall in love with the same girl - Zhenya. In 1930 they will be torn apart again to follow their own different goals and believes: Arcady will agree on a secret deal with Nazi to save his life while Ilia will keep fighting against hated regime even after finding himself in a death camp.

TV series  starring Evgeny Tsyganov, Alexey Bardukov and Maria Kozhevnikova are directed by Igor Zaicev (“Esenin”, “Chkalov”, “Kanikuly strogogo rezhima”). Secondary parts are performed by Pavel Derevyanko, Evgeny Dyatlov, Andrew Merzlikin etc.

“This project was very difficult for us. Script had been waiting for a screen adaptation for 4 years. It is written by Grigory Manukov, who had been working before with us under another project “Apostol”, – tells producer Denis Frolov. – Shooting process was very intense and creative: 101 shooting day, enormous field work in nature and in studio, war equipment, transport, expeditions… We have recreated almost an epoch lasting for 20 years, when one event was quickly changed by another. And our characters were growing as well.”

Premiere is scheduled on one of the federal TV Channels in Russia.

Produced by Central Partnership

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