16 October
CENTRAL PARTNERSHIP has finished shooting process of new massive action film 22 MINUTES

Shooting process  including both studio and nature work started June 2012 in Moscow, Sevastopol, Malta, and on board of a real Russian Navy major anti-submarine ship in Vladivostok. A huge full-sized film-set for tanker captured by pirates was recreated  in Crimea, and for shootings in Malta – unique water pools reconstructed by European standards. Malta filming block had completed the whole shooting process of the film. 

22 MINUTES is a new ambitious action project from the creators of SHADOWBOXING trilogy, picturing epic release of Russian tanker commandeered by Somali pirates.

Jarhead Sasha Ezhov finds himself captured by Somali freebooters on a occupied tanker. He has to survive during the combat assault being only supported by his marine fellows.

Film is based on a true story taken place on May 5th 2010, when sea solders of major Navy anti-submarine ship “Marshall Shaposhnikov” had released under the threat of detonation a tanker called “Moscow University” taken by Somali criminals  in Gulf of Aden. Blue berets team had only 22 minutes to complete the operation with no right for error.

Theatrical premiere is scheduled for 2013.

Produced by Central Partnership

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