Director: Alexander Kott

Starring: Evgeniy Mironov, Maria Aronova, Alexey Serebryakov, Peter Fedorov…

Diamond Hunters

Охотники за бриллиантами

Thriller, Detective

Season 1: 8 episodes of 50 minutes

Russia, 2010

November 1980, a robbery happened in the Tolstoy’s window apartment. A lot of antiques including the gorgeous brooch – called Royal Lily which was made to Louis XV were stolen from the apartment. As the widow of Tolstoy has extensive relations in the USSR and abroad, it draws a wide response in the country and the most serious structures of the Russian Ministry Internal Affairs are involved in this case, moreover the minister Shelokov investigates this case personally. Investigation team finds a participant of the robbery – the wife of French diplomat, who is going to leave the country. Her accomplice who is known by nickname Demon is also arrested.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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