Director: Ivan Minin

Script: Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy, Ivan Kapitonov, Natalya Dubovaya, Ivan Minin, Viktoriya Potemina

Starring: Oleg Chugunov, Viktoriya Potemina, Anastasiya Gribova, Margarita Bichkova, Ilya Agapov…

Operator: Maksim Mihanyuk

The Widow


Thriller, Horror


Централ Партнершип, QS Films, Russia, 2020


In a densely forested area north of St. Petersburg people have been going missing for three decades.The few corpses ever found were naked. On October 14, 2017 a team of volunteers went out into the woods in search of a missing teenager. Soon, all communication with them was lost. Locals believe they were taken by the same dark spirit that took the others. They call it the Limping Widow.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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