Director: Egor Baranov

Starring: Evgeniy Stichkin, Oleg Menshikov, Aleksandr Petrov, Taisiya Vilkova…

Operator: Sergey Trofimov

Composer: Ryan Otter

Gogol (trilogy)


Horror, Adventures, Fantasy

Продюсерская компания "Среда", Russia, 2017

Cossacks, witches, mermaids and other inhabitants of the Ukrainian village of Dikanka face their creator, aspiring writer and young clerk from Saint-Petersburg, Nikolai Gogol. Nikolai suffers from the mysterious fits allowing him to communicate with the creatures of the otherworld. Together with his superior, brilliant Saint-Petersburg detective Yakov Guro, Gogol goes to the country to investigate the mysterious murders of young girls. Here he finds his beloved meant to play a crucial part in his life.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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