Director: Vasiko Bedoshvili, Andrey Kolpin, Ivan Pshonkin

Script: Evgeny Antropov, Georgy Vasilyev

Starring: Dmitry Nazarov, Diomid Vinogradov, Aleksandr Pushnoy, Larisa Brokhman, Daria Kolbaseeva, Felix Golovnin…

The Fixies. Top Secret

Фиксики: Большой секрет



Russia, 2017

The Fixies are tiny creatures that live inside of machines and devices maintaining and repairing them. Just two humans in the world know about their existence – Professor Eugenius and a boy Tom Tomas. Problems start when one Fixie gets a hold of the experimental energy bracelet that allows him to travel through the electrical wires, but makes him destroy things around him instead of fixing them. The rest Fixies, together with Tom Thomas, his schoolmate Katya, and the Professor must work together to stop the electric Fixie from destroying the whole city and revealing the Fixies’ secret to the world!

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