Director: Murad Aliev

Starring: Vasiliy Lanovoy, Olga Vinichenko, Sofya Ozerova, Timur Badalbeyli, Aleksey Yarmilko, Anton Arntgolc, Antonina Chizhikova, Aleksey Shemes…

Someone else's gpandpa

Чужой дед


Season 1: 2 series of 50 minutes

Russia, 2017

This is a story of a guy who helps a band of “black estate agents” for a living. Yet, his first client, an old man, makes him well disposed; moreover, the guy falls in love with his neighbor and refuses from this work. As a consequence, he founds himself in the street and settles in the grandpa’s apartment. And when another representative of the gang comes to “work” with the grandpa, the main character has to make a choice: to tell the grandpa the truth and get screwed by standing in the ways of the bandits and defending the old man, or to betray him and take a back seat losing his girlfriend and self-respect.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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