Director: Aleksandr Proshkin

Starring: Vladimir Ilyin, Vladimir Mashkov, Sergey Makoveckiy, Natalya Egorova, Yuriy Belyaev, Yuriy Kuznecov, Mateush Damencki, Karolina Grushka…

Russian revolt

Русский бунт

Drama, Melodrama

Feature-length, 128 minutes

Russia, France, 1999

End of the 18th century. The reign of Ekaterina II. In a deep, Russian province, in the endless steppes of the Ural, an escaped convict Emelyan Pugachev declares himself Emperor Peter III. Under the banner of the impostor stood Cossack units, runaway serfs and spirited people. In these troubled times, in the godforsaken Fort Belogorsk, young officer Peter Grinyov meets his first love- Masha, the daughter of captain Mironov. Recklessly passionate love for each other prevented them from believing in the impeding doom. They did not know that ahead of them were challenging times. They could not even imagine, in what twisted way their fate will entangle with their fate will entangle with the fat of the self-proclaimed king and what enormous efforts they must endure to save their lives and feelings in the bloody chaos of the merciless uprising.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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