Director: Stas Ivanov

Script: Stas Ivanov, Tamara Lisickaya

Starring: Maksim Lagashkin, Alexander Robak, Dmitriy Miller, Valeria Lanskaya, Anna Nosatova…

Operator: Mihail Veriyskiy

Life Has Just Begun

Жизнь только начинается

Comedy, Melodrama, ,

Season 1: 4 series of 44 minutes

НТВ КИНО, Russia, 2015

Love keeps the doctor away, — proclaims a therapist to Anna Dronova, director of a beauty company who has driven herself to the point of exhaustion in pursuit of success and profit. The doctor recommends her to take a journey to the past where she could find people who treasure her. However, neither her former husband deputy, nor her classmate musician, nor even her devoted admirer happen to truly love her. Then the doctor persuades Anna to visit those whom she hates and those whom she would like to take revenge on. The business woman gradually starts to catch on that revenge is by no means the best way to start a new life and that forgiveness alone can bring real liberation.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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