Director: Aleksey Bistrickiy

Starring: Roman Polyanskiy, Aleksandr Alyoshkin, Valeriy Oshomkov, Marina Mitrofanova, Yuliya Kokryatskaya, Gen Seto, Shi Yanbin…

Operator: Vadim Fortunin

The Order

Action, Thriller, Drama, Historical, , ,

Season 1: 4 series of 44 minutes

Russia, 2015

In 1945 the world was celebrating the end of the war, and millions of soldiers were returning home. But Manchuria was still occupied by the Japanese fascist forces. In accordance with the Union treaty the Soviet troops were sent to fight the furious enemy out. On the 18th of August, a unit of Soviet strike fighters under the command of Ivan Zabelin were sent on an unprecedentedly bold mission to battle in the very heart of the enemy.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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