Director: Anna Matison

Script: Anna Matison, Timur Ezugbaya

Starring: Karina Andolenko, Alena Babenko, Sergey Gazarov, Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Menshov, Anastasiya Bezrukova, Valeriy Gergiev, Dmitriy Hrustalev, Alla Duhova…

Operator: Sergey Otrepev

After You're Gone

После тебя


Feature-length, 119 minutes

Кинокомпания Сергея Безрукова, Russia, 2016


Aleksey Temnikov is a renowned ballet dancer, and an acknowledged genius whose career was cut abruptly short after sustaining an injury back in the ’90s. Twenty years later, Aleksey discovers that his condition is degenerative, and that he will soon lose the ability to walk. For him, this means only one thing – death. Before this happens, Aleksey sets out to choreograph a ballet he envisaged long before, but never staged for fear of failure. “What will I leave behind after I am gone?” is a question Aleksey feels he must contend with. However, returning to the world of ballet will not be easy for a man who has made so many enemies over the course of his life, not to mention the many years spent away from the theater.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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