Director: Nurbek Egen

Script: Sergey Machilskiy, Oleg Malovichko

Starring: Alexey Chadov, Oxana Akinshina, Igor Sklyar, Anton Shagin…

Operator: Maksim Osadchiy



Action, Thriller, Drama

Feature-length, 111 minutes

Russia, 2016


Victor aka Hammer is an MMA champion with the world title fight ahead. After running into the mobster Shark Hammer gets severely injured but is still determined to win. On top of that Shark’s girl Vera falls in love with Victor and breaks up with the mobster. What Victor doesn’t know is that Shark sticks at nothing to make this fight the last one for Hammer and get Vera back, and that it is Vera who is going to sacrifice a great deal for the sake of their love.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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