Director: Tihon Kornev

Script: Tihon Kornev, Evgeniy Kolyadincev, Aleksey Karaulov

Starring: Roman Evdokimov, Valeriya Shkirando, Alena Savastova, Anna Vasileva, Vladimir Kuznecov…



Thriller, Horror

Feature-length, 79 minutes

ГОРАД, Russia, 2016


Every day thousands of people descend to the subway Its late… The last train flies by the station and disappears in the tunnel taking away scared passengers. Officials classify all information about the incident as top secret. Few days pass and friends of the lost passengers start their own investigation. The underground tunnels are full of terrifying legends but the reality turns simply unthinkable. Diggers will take the audiences to places never seen before and reveal the truth of what hides beneath our feet…

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Produced by Central Partnership

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