Director: Aleksey Lukyanchikov

Script: Savva Minaev

Starring: Maxim Matveev, Dina Garipova, Vladimir Koshevoy…

Composer: Arkadiy Ukupnik

Hood’s mad animals

Бременские разбойники

Comedy, Adventures,

Animation, 76 minutes

Централ Партнершип, Star Media, Russia, 2016


There is a Kingdom lying amid dried up rivers and torrid forests, where birds do not sing, goats give no milk and people live in constant fear and misery. But this was not always the case, and many people still remember the time when the Kingdom was under the rule of the wise King. A magic elixir gushed forth from fountains everywhere, and nobody knew anything of trouble or starvation. However, eighteen years have passed since the cunning and greedy Ministers came to power as result of a palace coup. The King disappeared without trace, and the Ministers took control of the magic elixir, declaring to the people that its source had dried up. Ruling on behalf of the young Princess, the Ministers imposed extortionate taxes and duties on the people, sparing no one, not even the old, nor mothers with large families. Disobedience to the new laws is subject to severe punishment, and nobody dares to argue with the ‘King’s Guards‘. Nobody, that is, except for the famous brigand, Troubin Hood who robs the Ministers and distributes the booty among the poor. And he is helped by his faithful friends: Sigmund the Cat, Baskerville the Dog, Petruccio the Rooster and Gretchen the Jenny. While the residents of the Kingdom spread legends about him, and the Ministers are ready to pay any price for his head, all Troubin Hood wants is to restore prosperity and the glorious past to the Kingdom.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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