Director: Sergey Sherbin

Script: Dmitriy Evseev, Yuliya Posternak , Elena Cventuh

Starring: Vlad Reznik, Yuriy Baturin, Zaza Chanturiya, Nino Ninidze, Mariya Kapustinskaya…

Operator: Anton Verbin

Ascent to the Olympus

Восхождение на Олимп

Action, Detective, Historical

Season 1: 8 episodes of 52 minutes

Централ Партнершип, Russia, 2015

Summer of 1980. Moscow is preparing for the Olympics. All the forces of the KGB and MVD are thrown at maintaining law and order. But, despite of all the measures taken, there is a series of high-profile robberies in Moscow. One of them - the daring theft of masterpieces by old masters from the Museum of Fine Arts. Investigator Alexei Stavrov at any cost must return the canvas before the Olympics to defend the reputation of his country. However, the matter is much more complicated than one might expect: its origins lay in the events of 1945, and it involves artists and scientists, foreign tourists, thieves and people in uniform.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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