Director: Roman Gapanyuk

Script: Ilya Cofin

Starring: Valery Barinov, Segrey Ushkevitch, Dmitriy Vlaskin, Aleksandra Bogdanova, Anna Mihaylovskaya, Olga Tumaykina…

Operator: Mihail Onipenko

Rise and fall of the football legend

В созвездии Стрельца

Drama, Historical,

Season 1: 8 episodes of 52 minutes

Централ Партнершип, ТМ Продакшн, Russia, 2015

This is a story of one of the best forwards of Soviet era – Eduard Streltsov, who started his football career at the age of 16 in Moscow football team TORPEDO and came a long way from the belloved by audience superstar to a political prisoner. Being 17 years old Streltsov joined USSR football team, in 18 he became the best top scorer of the national championship, and a year later, at his 19s, he became the champion of the Olympic Games in Melbourne. Spring of 1958. Streltsov along with two other national team players was arrested on false charges of rape. His companions were soon released, but Eduard was sentenced to 12 years in camps. He spent almost half of the term and was released early but his football career seriously tainted. There are many versions of who and why decided to end up Strelstsov football career – was it because he did not want to go into the Army football club or DINAMO football team, or was it because he refused to marry daughter of a very significant Soviet politician... His broken fate became a bargaining chip in the dirty game of those who have power. Many years afterwards, only in 1965, Soviet cabinet allowed Streltsov return on the field.

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