Director: Vsevolod Brodskiy

Script: Sergey Svetlakov, Aleksandr Nezlobin i avtorskaya gruppa Nezlobin

Starring: Boris Kamorzin, Sergey Burunov, Viktor Grudev, Kristina Isaykina, Yana Enzhaeva, Nikita Pavlenko, Sergey Pohodaev, Daniil Vahrushev, Vladimir Sichev…

The Prom


Comedy, Adventures

Feature-length, 90 minutes

Централ Партнершип, Russia, 2014


This night is the special night in life of everybody. High school teenagers are preparing for The Prom in different ways: rappers are shooting a video clip, bullies are buying alcohol illegally, shy student is hoping for his very first time, and sweet couple Romeo is looking for a ring to propose to his Juliet. Everyone is dreaming about future without parents custody. “I am not going to forget this night!” – this is the main thought of all these young men. Parents doesn’t share this opinion though. The party that everybody had been expecting for 10 years is a real disaster and a war of different generations. And the school will be the place of final battle.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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