Director: Timur Kabulov

Script: Ilya Shilovskiy

Starring: Juri Kuznetsov-Taezhny, Alexander Domogarov , Ivan Dobronravov, Olga Smirnova…

Mikhail Krug: A Criminal Bard

Легенды о Круге


Season 1: 4 series of 52 minutes

Russia, 2012

MIKHAIL KRUG: A CRIMINAL BARD is a 4-episodes TV mini-series about a famous chanson singer - Mikhail Krug, who had been very close and familiar to millions of people, and yet so unrecognized singer and poet. 2002, Tver. After City Day concert Mikhail Krug returned home, where the killer already had been waiting for him. The crime was never solved. Ten years later, a friend of Mikhail, Alex, invites famous writer Matvey to write about a popular singer. Together they go to Tver - to talk about Krug with those whom he loved, his friends and enemies...

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Produced by Central Partnership

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