Director: Andrey Kavun

Starring: Igor Petrenko, Andrey Panin, Mihail Boyarskiy, Lyanka Griu, Leonid Yarmolnick, Aleksandr Golubev…

Sherlock Holmes

Шерлок Холмс

Adventures, Detective

Season 1: 8 episodes of 88 minutes

Russia, 2012

This series brings the audience back to the Baker Street, 221B.

The story begins with the acquaintance: Dr. Watson, in search for houseroom in London, rents an apartment at Missis Hadson’s, straight arrow widow. Although he is totally fine with the accommodation, his neighbor leaves much to be desired – eccentric young man without any clear occupation makes Dr. Watson suspect he is a trespasser and a real criminal.

Soon Dr. Watson’s mistrust turns just the opposite when he discovers truly calling of his strange stable companion – private investigation. Mr. Sherlock Holmes is a serious threat for London underworld. Dr. Watson shortly gets involved into his new friend’s life full of exciting and dangerous adventures and becomes his loyal workmate.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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