Director: Oleg Asadulin

Script: Sergey Dyachenko, Marina Dyachenko

Starring: Valeria Lanskaya, Makar Zaporozhsky, Maria Pirogova, Pavel Priluchniy, Evgeniya Brik , Alisa Hazanova, Vladislav Abashin, Petr Semak, Aleksandr Ratnikov…

Operator: Maksim Shinkorenko

Dark world: equilibrium

Темный мир: Равновесие

Action, Adventures, Romance, Fantasy

Season 1: 12 episodes of 48 minutes

Централ Партнершип, Russia, 2014


When Dasha was 10 she miraculously survived a severe car crash but was saved by the vision of her dead father who gave her a mysterious talisman. Now a student in a metropolis, she cherishes this talisman but somehow it’s gone. Upon retrieving it, she learns that our world is full of Shadows – the dark human-like beings which take the people’s positive energy and leave them to die. On the opposite side, there are Sentinels – people with special abilities to feel the Shadows and prevent them from attacking the humans. Dasha appears to be one of the Sentinels. Together with her friends, Dasha discovers a portal into the Underworld, which the Shadows come out of. The Shadows’ Master is seeking the last piece of the ancient artefact which would give him the unlimited power in both the human and Underworld, and this last piece is apparently Dasha’s talisman. Will Dasha and her friends resist the dark powers and save the humanity? Who among them is an undiscovered Shadow? Will Dasha make a right choice to be with her ex- boyfriend or a newly-met magnetic guy from her University?

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Produced by Central Partnership

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