Director: Vasily Pichul

Starring: Konstantin Krukov, Tatiana Arntgolts, Kirill Plentev, Alexander Loye, Galina Polskykh…

Spartacus. Rebellion In Gulag

Второе восстание Спартака

Action, Drama, Adventures, Historical

Season 1: 12 episodes of 52 minutes

Russia, 2012

Major spectacular historical saga about uncommon larger-than-life destiny of a military aviator Spartak Kotlyarovsky and his childhood friends, a thief in law and a NKVD secret police officer. It will be the first prison rebel in GULAG. WWII bereft Spartak Kotlyarovsky of freedom and future. In August 1941 he was attacking Berlin along with reckless fellow military pilots, but on the way back his craft was crushed in Poland and Spartak was forced to continue fighting against Nazi as a part of Polish army. But for his valour and heroism he was rewarded not with a Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union but with a prison term. New live awaits Spartak inside prison camp. Here he accidentally meets his old friends – one of them is a respected thief in law, the other runs prison establishment – and makes some new acquaintances. Just like his namesake, courageous Spartacus, he is encircled with people who highly rate freedom and faith. Another uprising is draw to ahead…

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Produced by Central Partnership

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