Director: Aleksandr Atanesyan

Starring: Andrey Panin, Georgiy Taratorkin, Maxim Sukhanov, Sergey Novikov, Tatyana Samoylova…

24 hours

24 часа


Feature-length, 81 minutes

Russia, 2000

Felix, a professional killer, disobeys a serious warning and performs an expensive order of a "killer trade union". The man his customer refers to as "the oil guy" gets killed in broad daylight in a crowded place, hardly noticed by anyone around. As soon as it happens, the lucky killer finds the neglected warning to be too serious: the "oil guy" murder won't be easily forgiven... Felix has 24 hours to reach his final destination, a far-away island where his beloved and the earned money are waiting for him. 24 hours is the time Lyova Shalamov and his brother Garik have to find and kill Felix...

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Produced by Central Partnership

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