Director: Oleg Fesenko

Script: Gleb Shprigov

Starring: Sergey Bezrukov, Boris Klyuev, Anna Chipovskaya, Vladimir Gostukhin, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Anatoly Bely, Valeriy Nikolaev, Olga Kabo, Anton Sokolov…

Operator: Arunas Baraznauskas

1812: Lancers' Ballad

1812: Уланская Баллада

Adventures, Historical

Feature-length, 98 minutes

Russia, 2012


On the eve of the Borodino Battle Alexey Tarusov, noble young man, dreaming to join uhlan regiment, discovers a betrayal made: Napoleon is now given with the plan of Russian force command during the general battle. Russian army is condemned. By the field marshal Kutuzov order uhlan regiment deranges enemy intentions, laying down their life. Losing his friends in this cruel mêlée Alexey swears to find and denounce the traitor. In search for truth he starts a serious mortal game with one of the most dangerous adventurists of the time – Earl de Vitt. At stake now is not only honor of noble beauty Beata, heir to a large fortune, but diamonds of Russian Emperor crown…

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Produced by Central Partnership

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