Director: Vladimir Kott

Starring: Aleksey Kravchenko, Ekaterina Fedulova…

Operation “Gorgon”

Операция "Горгона"

Action, Adventures

Season 1: 4 series of 50 minutes

Russia, 2011

The battle of Stalingrad ended. The Soviet Army is preparing a large-scale Byelorussian strategic offensive operation codenamed “Bagration”. A week before the beginning of the operation it becomes known that the Germans have mined all the approaches to the N. city. The roads, the bridges and the forests are all mined. They have created whole mine fields. The city itself is fully mined as well. Civilians may get hurt. The headquarters call for an experienced scout Fedor Tishkov (Kravchenko). Fedor, a fighting scout, former circus performer who appeared on stage with his strongman’s show, gets a new mission. Tishkov’s group has three days to steal the mining map codenamed “Gorgon”. If they fail their mission many soldiers and civilians will die. Moscow demands that the attack begins in strictly specified terms. Tishkov and the members of his group, former circus performers, are thrown into the rear of the Germans.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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