Director: Vadim Zobin, Mark Orlov, Leonid Pchelkin

Starring: Valentina Talizina, Irina Rozanova, Galina Polskih, Victor Rakov, Elena Yakovleva, Lidiya Fedoseeva-Shukshina, Nikolay Karachencov, Natalya Gundareva…

Secrets of Saint Petersburg

Петербургские тайны

Drama, Melodrama, Historical

Season 1: 60 episodes of 52 minutes

Russia, 1995

Action adventure drama takes place in St. Petersburg in late XIX century. In the romantic atmosphere of Saint Petersburg’ white nights terrible things happen: vice, treachery, betrayal, brutal murders... The series are focused on two noble families - the princes Chechevinsky and dukes Shadursky. None of them have ever thought that the relatively calm period of their life will soon be over for good...

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Produced by Central Partnership

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