Director: Tigran Keosayan

Starring: Aleksander Golubev, Maxim Matveev, Evgenyi Miller, Alena Hmelnitskaya…

Yalta 45

Ялта 45

Action, Drama, Adventures, Detective, Historical

Season 1: 4 series of 45 minutes

Russia, 2011

January 1945. In Yalta the preparation for the meeting of the leaders of anti-Hitler coalition: Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill is in full swing. Allied intelligence agencies work together to provide full security of the leaders. They are worried for a reason: there is indeed a group of saboteurs hiding in the city and planning a terrorist attack. Counter-Intelligence agent Aleksei Turok, local investigator Zhora Markarov and Major US Intelligence John Wilby get on the tracks of saboteurs.

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Produced by Central Partnership

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